PS3 vs Xbox 360 vs Wii

July 16, 2007 at 8:13 pm 4 comments

Based on the latest facts, news and rumors, I have decided to make a post on who I think is going to be the ultimate winner of the Next Gen Console war.

Here is a quick run down of each system:

PS3: This system features Blu-ray discs, for movies and games, allowing more high-def content to be stored, then any other system. It also has tons of rich features including alternate Operating Systems, and full multimedia playback. It also has a decent (and growing) online community, and a fair selection of games. It also features horizontal integration with other sony products such as PSP.

Xbox 360: This is very intergratable with windows pcs. It has full multimedia playback, including HD-Dvd (for an additional 200 bucks), but the games are only in regular dvd, limiting them in their expansion. It has a huge online community and store, and a great collection of games.

Wii: Very Inovative. Sensor controllers wii sports and really fun active style to gaming. A pretty good game base, lacking in online community, but has a nice wii channel service.

 Conclusion: Based on the above info, and other information, rumors, and facts, I am going to use the following analagy to describe the winner.

 This race is much like a normal race (like a sprint). The wii being light and small, gets a nice head start. Being smart, he kicks off really fast. But as his innovation gets a little old, and his endurance starts to slack, then he will slow down . Xbox 360 is sleek, cool, and pretty fast. But not very good kick off. A little slow, but gains some good momentum, and keeps up a good long fight. But after the wii dies down a bit, he will start to slow down. Now the Ps3, is pretty slow. After it builds up from a jog, it will start to gain some speed. It will then start running full tilt and pass the wii. Then coming up on the xbox 360, who is slowing down, the ps3 will pass it after a good run. The wii will stop, then shortly after the 360 will stop, but the ps3 will keep running.

 This is all because the Ps3 has a 10 year lifespan. Meaning its technology is going to be current for the next 10 years.  Where the wii is only advanced in the way of new gaming, it lachs the specifications to stay in the run for very long. The xbox is pretty advanced, but its dvd games will not match sonys.

 And one final thought befor this long drawn out post ends. Many people think that the ps3, and xbox 360 games match in graphics and physics. This IS true. But ONLY for now. Because the ps3 has about 5 times more room on 1 disc then xbox does with its dvd. This allows way more content to be stored. And the ps3 processor is a fair bit stronger too. And remember, everytime a new system comes up, the first few months of games suck. Developers are not able to push the limits beacsue at first they dont know the limits. But as the race continues, and the limits are pushed, I am confident that the ps3, will out perform every system.


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  • 1. David Beoulve  |  July 17, 2007 at 1:34 pm

    Uh, did you read this post? The 60GB PS3 is already dead – Sony isn’t making any more.
    The “newer” model released in Korea is replacing it – why I’m not sure. Does this sound like a strategy from a company whose console is destined for greatness?

  • 2. Mike  |  July 17, 2007 at 1:49 pm

    You are wrong, very wrong.

    For yourself, a hardcore gamer I guess, you only see the high-tech., hardcore gaming aspects of the various consoles, but you are in an ever shrinking niche.

    For those of us who don’t want to spend our evenings buried in the semi-dark, the casual gamer’s Wii will always win out. We don’t care if the PS* or XBox* can play DVDs, we already have a DVD player to do that.and we aren’t interested in real-life graphics and blood and guts gore – we just want to have some fun with friends… and we’re the ones who are growing in numbers.

    The real innovation of the Wii was not the Wii-mote itself but was its ease of use, anyone can pick it up and play it immediately – for me the other consoles hold no attraction precisely because they are too complex (and I’m a software engineer!). This is where Nintendo are winning, they’ve tapped into a hitherto untapped resource – generations of non-hardcore gamers – we just want to be able to pick up the controller and play, preferably socially, with no pawing over the manual to learn a dozen or more key or button combinations.

    The casual gamer is redefining the game playing arena and it is the PS* and the XBox* which will have to adapt in order to make themselves more attractive to that casual user because we’re the only new users out there, the hardcore gaming market is pretty much at saturation point already.

    So while the PS3 might outperform the others technologically, it will not outperform the Wii in sheer numbers… and at the end of the day, that’s where it counts – the bottom line.

  • 3. buelldm  |  July 17, 2007 at 2:05 pm

    You both have very valid points.

    First off, the 60gb System is dead. They still have many systems left, but they are stopping production. They are going to start selling the new 80GB version in place of the 60GB Version. They are virtually the same, just with a bigger harddrive, and I think the 80gb version comes with a game also. Now systems do this with their consols all the time(xbox premium, basic, elite and halo versions). Its just a marketing strategy. It doesnt mean the system is dead, just that particular model of the system.

    To comment on that second post. Everyone used to deny ps2’s success. The dvd feature in the ps2 was a big selling point. It was for the xbox too. (they sold a lot dvd kits) And now with blu-ray discs and HD DVD, its the same story. It is a pretty big selling feature for sony and xbox to have this capability. The wii will be popular. Its like an arcade type game in your home. But it wont be as succesful as the ps3. The ps2 was slow getting off at first, but it built a base, and grew. The same as the ps3 is doing.

  • 4. Jon Bell  |  July 17, 2007 at 3:31 pm

    The difference between last generation and this one is the type of gamer. Last generation was still populated with hardcore gaming, so the machine with the best specs won.

    And having Grand Theft Auto exclusivity sure didn’t hurt.

    This generation the mainstream has been factored in, and these new (or lapsed) gamers are choosing the Wii in pretty amazing numbers. Nintendo grew the market in a direction that the PS3 and Xbox isn’t used to competing in. And once a grandparent loves the Wii, he’s not going to “upsell” to Gears of War.

    Nintendo owns this new market, at least in this generation. Which is why they’ll end up #1 in total sales.


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