PS3 With Rumble?

July 16, 2007 at 7:54 pm Leave a comment

Whats the Rumor?: Ps3 will add the rumble pack to the PS3 controller.

Confirmed?: Sony denies plans for the developement.

Facts!: Sony has lost the lawsuit with Immersion (they made the rumble feature) and sony paid for it. This allows Sony the ability to use this feature now if they please. Also a sony rep, said it is possible that they may use it down the road. And Sony has been known to deny things before they confirm it (ie. the ps3 price cut).

Conclusion:  My thoughts are that Sony is going to introduce the rumble for sure. I am guessing that they will introduce it for the christmas lineup. The reasons for this is becasue there is a huge demand for it. Its just a feature that everyone enjoys. And plus why would sony fight in that immersion suit, if they dont want to have the rights to use the rumble pack. They dont need it, maybe for the PS2, but they could have post poned the trials untill they finsihed production with the ps2 then just settled.

That being said, Sony will most likely put its rumble feature in the controllers, becasue whether its to make us happy, or just to be able to charge more for that type of conrtoller, either way, it will sell.


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