Apple Just Got A Worm

July 18, 2007 at 11:45 am Leave a comment

I seems as though Apple’s OSX has got a worm. A independent researcher known as Infosec Sellout, has found a way to put a worm in OSX. Sources say that he is expanding the worm, through controlled environment. He wants to further his research and then ask for a fee, from Apple, to show them the problem and fix it.

This isn’t the first time Apple’s computers had either a virus worm, or some sort of infection. Apple has just been very good at patching things up before they got out of hand.

So why doesn’t Apple get viruses? Well as said by Engadget today, its more to do with the market share, then the type of coding. I have always used the following analogy.

You have two towns. A Windows town, and a Mac town. Windows town has lots of people. These people also own lots of stuff in their house, and lots of these people, and their are a lot of seniors, teenagers and middle aged people. In each house, there are credit cards, nice programs, a whole bunch of useful stuff. Now over at Mac town, there are about 10 people. They have some pretty nice looking homes, but inside, there are only home movies. Thats it.

Which town would you attack. The huge place, with all the stuff you want, not protected very well and useful things? Or a town with a few people, and really nothing useful.

That all being said, I feel with the growing community in the Apple area, I think we will see a lot more of Infosec’s personal work, and followers. Because those Apple commercials always use vunerability as a weakness in pcs. So I am wiling to bet that Apple will pay a nice little fee, to keep things together in the mac community.


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