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Samsung with a 10 core PC?

The other day, Apple announced it was giving the option for up to two quad-core processors, equaling a staggering 8 core desktop machine. Now it looks like Samsung is going to offer the option of 2 five-core processors for a combined total of 10 cores, running at 3.0GHZ.  The 45nm Hi-K processors based on the Intel® Core microarchitecture is in the new Intel 3-series, which hasn’t be released yet. The new desktop system are supposed to hit the market in korea later this year, and maybe hit the Americas by early 2008.




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ThinkPad X61 Tablet – Japan Release

The ThinkPad X61 laptop computer is a sleek, powerful, practical and cheap machine. Earlier in the year, a similar model was released, but this new model is a much improved version of an already great computer.

This laptop has Intel Centrino Pro technology, CPU Core 2 Duo L7500 (1.6GHz). It comes loaded with 1GB RAM, Wireless LAN function and a 160GB HDD (twice the size as the previous) This also comes preinstalled with Windows Vista, Home Premium Edition.

This nice little Laptop also comes with a built in fingertip sensor, to ensure the protection of your important files. It has an average battery of 3-7 hours, and dimensions of 274× depth 244× height 33mm, and a weight of only 1.85kg (just over 4lbs).

One of the biggest features is the improved screen technology. The FFS SXGA+ TFT liquid crystal panel is easy to see even under the direct sunlight, has a wide field of vision angle, and anti-reflection to ensure correct viewing in any condition.

Now this little beauty packs one hell of a punch, is sleek and light, and for around $2,300, isn’t that expensive. So whats the downside? It doesn’t have an optical drive.

There are currently no dates on the release outside of Japan, but there is one on the way.


[via ThinkPad (japan)]

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