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Xbox 360 To Get A Price-Cut

Xbox 360 is the leader in the console war so far, having an almost full year head start above its competitors. The Wii is catching up surprisingly fast, and the PS3 is getting good momentum with sales up 135% due to price cuts.

Sony is a great example of what price-cuts can do. The Xbox 360’s continuous stream of hardware failure seems to be holding its pure potential quite a bit. Microsoft is hoping that a $50 price-cut, added value packs, and an array of different versions will keep the Xbox 360 a strong console.

The versions of the Xbox include the core package, premium package, and the Elite. These systems should start to sell for $249, $359, and $429, respectively, early next month.

There is no doubt that Microsoft is starting to really slow down in the console war. Maybe they can revive themselves with these new price cuts, new games and the limited edition Halo model.

The 360 is a great, well priced system, but due to hardware failure, and the Wii, it looks like its going to a lose the little foothold that it had at the first of this little war.


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Wii hits 3 Million mark, In japan

It appears as though Nintendo old 3 million Wii systems so far in japan. This will bring their total sales over 9 million, worldwide. Xbox box is still ahead by 1 million, but considering there is a Wii shortage in many places, and the amount of time its been out, there is no doubt that Wii will beat the Xbox in sales.

So how big is the Wii going to get? Is it going to be in virtually every home?


[via Dailytech]

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PS3 Xbox 360 Wii: Total Sales

Here is a table of the latest numbers in sales with all 3 systems.


Current trends show that the Xbox 360 sales are not holding strong, (possibly due to failure rates) and are actually starting to round off. The PS3, with the new price cuts and value packs, are starting to grow fairly rapid. And as always the Wii sales are standing strong.

The PS3 is selling a bit less then half of the other two, and the Wii is almost as much as the XBOX. So there you have it, the current figures.

What do you think is going to happen up until Christmas? What about during Christmas?

Note: these numbers are as of June 2007 and are in millions

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