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Toshiba’s Gigabeat in 24 new colors

1GB Toshiba Gigabeats in 24 new flavors. Toshiba has announced that it is going to release 24 new colors of the Gigabeat.  It will cost Japan 13,800 Yen ($115 USD). There is no date for when it will hit the US or Canada but they will hit the Japanese market around August 12th. These new players will have 1GB flash memory and up to 20hrs of continuous playback. They will also feature a nice little fm radio.

Now these DAPs are no iPod killer, but with these new colors, and decent price tag, I am sure that everyone can find a color they enjoy most.


[via IT Plus]


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Screen Savers Playing movies

It looks like Sony’s Crackle has made a little program that plays your favorite videos while your computer is idel, via your screen saver. Whizbyte is currently testing this application, and we will have an update on its performance.

[via Crackle]

Update: After testing the application for a few minutes, the program seems a bit impressive, but a bit confusing. After installing the app, its not clear what to do next. After a few tries we decided to check under the screensaver options and sure enough there was the app. We set it up and tested it. It is pretty well mad, nice looking, and easy to get around on, but its not much good for a screen save. The idea is pretty innovative, but the program doesn’t match what was expected. I think that if the program was a stand alone program, it would be pretty successful. They should do this, and just have an option to make your favorite videos, your default screensavers.

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Buy a Mac get a free Nano

Apple is now advertising a new deal for University/College Students. The deal is if you buy an Apple Mac, they will give you a free nano. This deal also includes free shipping. So if your a student, and you can provide a student ID number, then you are eligible to get a free nano. Now you do have to buy the nano when you purchase the mac, but they send you a $229 mail-in rebate. This deal is confirmed for both the US and Canada.


Is this Apple’s new strategy for making macs more popular? They already have the number one DAP’s, maybe their Mac Books are going to be next. What do you think?


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A few days ago, Sony has announced it is remaking the PSP system. The system is lighter, thinner, faster and lasts longer. There is no hardcore differences, but the faster loading times will be a bonus.

They are going to offer the new PSP in different bundles including the starwars pack(starwars battle front, and special psp design), and multimedia pack (dexter game, and family guy movie).

Here are some pics


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The new Sony NSC-GC1 Camcorder

Sony has introduced a nice little 5mp Camcorder. Its said that it is aimed towards the online video crowd, including Youtube and Crackle (grouper). This camcorder will pre-format you video to ensure easy uploads to the net. It also has a built in flash 4x optical zoom, 2.4inch display and a great battery. The best part about this new device, is its only going to cost you $199.


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