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Xbox 360 To Get A Price-Cut

Xbox 360 is the leader in the console war so far, having an almost full year head start above its competitors. The Wii is catching up surprisingly fast, and the PS3 is getting good momentum with sales up 135% due to price cuts.

Sony is a great example of what price-cuts can do. The Xbox 360’s continuous stream of hardware failure seems to be holding its pure potential quite a bit. Microsoft is hoping that a $50 price-cut, added value packs, and an array of different versions will keep the Xbox 360 a strong console.

The versions of the Xbox include the core package, premium package, and the Elite. These systems should start to sell for $249, $359, and $429, respectively, early next month.

There is no doubt that Microsoft is starting to really slow down in the console war. Maybe they can revive themselves with these new price cuts, new games and the limited edition Halo model.

The 360 is a great, well priced system, but due to hardware failure, and the Wii, it looks like its going to a lose the little foothold that it had at the first of this little war.


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Silverlight & Netflix

Microsoft’s Silverlight is a relatively new application. It is part of the .Net framework and Microsoft says it is a “cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of .NET based media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web.”

In a Mix ’07 demo, Netflix demonstrated a model they created in less then 3 weeks. This model features seamless movement between movies, and interaction on both PC and Macs. You can chat, share movies, switch between movies, chapters and  preview other movies in the same category regardless what platform you are on. Netflix also claims they are working on HD video streaming that is just as fast as regular streaming.

Is Silver light going to be the next big thing in internet technology? Do you think it will stick?



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Zune 2nd Gen Confirmed

After some discussion with a representative of Microsoft(press), I was given the following information after asking if they could confirm any details regarding Scorpio (the new 80gb model) and draco(the flash based zune). This is the reply:

We have seen the rumors floating around, but we haven’t announced specific dates or details for the next generation of the Zune devices or service. That said, Zune follows the cycle of the consumer electronics cycle so you can expect an update later this year prior to the holiday season.

    • There are three predictable paths along which we’ll expand Zune:
      • Device family – adding in new sizes, styles and price points
      • Features – we’ll move towards parity with iPod building in support for video, podcasting, etc and at the same time build on key differentiators such as the wireless feature, the FM tuner, etc
      • Geographic Markets – we’ll start to expand the international footprint of Zune over time but only when we can ensure an offering which is tailored to that market

And one thing about Zune that’s really great for consumers is that the device is future-proofed. Consumers can buy without fear of their device becoming obsolete. Zune’s software (firmware) can be updated so their device gets automatically updated with new features when the new software is launched.”

I also asked if they were going to set out the Zune Spots, in not just concerts but possibly malls and other places as well. I did not get a reply at this point.

So using the above information, it is confirmed that there will be a model out in time for Christmas. They are also going to expand the support (expand from the states) probably after the new models come out. Also it says that the newer models will mimic the features of the iPod, ie nano style, shuffle, etc… and maybe add some new stuff to play in with the wi-fi capabilities. Possibly an internet application? Maybe a zune phone is in the works, although not directly said but they did say that they were basically following the same path apple laid out.

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New Zune to Come Soon?

After searching the microsoft webpage, and related pages, I found job listings for microsoft Zune center in Redmond. They are currently hiring over 50 people, including marketing, product designs, testing, and management. These guys are obviously getting started (or possibly finishing) a major project.

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Apple Just Got A Worm

I seems as though Apple’s OSX has got a worm. A independent researcher known as Infosec Sellout, has found a way to put a worm in OSX. Sources say that he is expanding the worm, through controlled environment. He wants to further his research and then ask for a fee, from Apple, to show them the problem and fix it.

This isn’t the first time Apple’s computers had either a virus worm, or some sort of infection. Apple has just been very good at patching things up before they got out of hand.

So why doesn’t Apple get viruses? Well as said by Engadget today, its more to do with the market share, then the type of coding. I have always used the following analogy.

You have two towns. A Windows town, and a Mac town. Windows town has lots of people. These people also own lots of stuff in their house, and lots of these people, and their are a lot of seniors, teenagers and middle aged people. In each house, there are credit cards, nice programs, a whole bunch of useful stuff. Now over at Mac town, there are about 10 people. They have some pretty nice looking homes, but inside, there are only home movies. Thats it.

Which town would you attack. The huge place, with all the stuff you want, not protected very well and useful things? Or a town with a few people, and really nothing useful.

That all being said, I feel with the growing community in the Apple area, I think we will see a lot more of Infosec’s personal work, and followers. Because those Apple commercials always use vunerability as a weakness in pcs. So I am wiling to bet that Apple will pay a nice little fee, to keep things together in the mac community.

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PS3 vs XBOX 360 vs Wii

Ok my last post seemed to stir up all the xbox 360 and wii fans. (not just them though) So i decided to do a little debating session. This is how it works:

Put who you personally like the most.

Then Type who you think will win in the long wrong. If you use facts that are not common knowlage, please post a site link, or something to indicate that your not fudging numbers and bullsh!ting.

After that, post some ideas you think may help a system in the race.

I will post my personal opinion as an example to follow.

 Let the debate begin!

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Zune Spots

In a press release today, Microsoft has announced that it is going to have a signifigant presence in 28 Live Nation concerts with their new Zune Spots.

 These Zune Spots are convereted freight containers. They will offer the music being played at each concert, along with additional tracks.

 Follow the link for the full press release.

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