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Samsung with a 10 core PC?

The other day, Apple announced it was giving the option for up to two quad-core processors, equaling a staggering 8 core desktop machine. Now it looks like Samsung is going to offer the option of 2 five-core processors for a combined total of 10 cores, running at 3.0GHZ.  The 45nm Hi-K processors based on the Intel® Core microarchitecture is in the new Intel 3-series, which hasn’t be released yet. The new desktop system are supposed to hit the market in korea later this year, and maybe hit the Americas by early 2008.




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Samsung’s first 5mpxl GSM Multimedia phone

Samsung has announced it release of the first GSM 5megapixel camera phone for European market. This phone features 2.2″ LCD with 16 million colours, 5 mega-pixel multi-function imaging system and full Bluetooth v.2 connectivity. It also has a mp3 player and a internet browser.

It isn’t said how much this will go for, but its expected to hit the European markets this August.


[via Samsung PR]

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