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Samsung with a 10 core PC?

The other day, Apple announced it was giving the option for up to two quad-core processors, equaling a staggering 8 core desktop machine. Now it looks like Samsung is going to offer the option of 2 five-core processors for a combined total of 10 cores, running at 3.0GHZ.  The 45nm Hi-K processors based on the Intel® Core microarchitecture is in the new Intel 3-series, which hasn’t be released yet. The new desktop system are supposed to hit the market in korea later this year, and maybe hit the Americas by early 2008.




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ThinkPad X61 Tablet – Japan Release

The ThinkPad X61 laptop computer is a sleek, powerful, practical and cheap machine. Earlier in the year, a similar model was released, but this new model is a much improved version of an already great computer.

This laptop has Intel Centrino Pro technology, CPU Core 2 Duo L7500 (1.6GHz). It comes loaded with 1GB RAM, Wireless LAN function and a 160GB HDD (twice the size as the previous) This also comes preinstalled with Windows Vista, Home Premium Edition.

This nice little Laptop also comes with a built in fingertip sensor, to ensure the protection of your important files. It has an average battery of 3-7 hours, and dimensions of 274× depth 244× height 33mm, and a weight of only 1.85kg (just over 4lbs).

One of the biggest features is the improved screen technology. The FFS SXGA+ TFT liquid crystal panel is easy to see even under the direct sunlight, has a wide field of vision angle, and anti-reflection to ensure correct viewing in any condition.

Now this little beauty packs one hell of a punch, is sleek and light, and for around $2,300, isn’t that expensive. So whats the downside? It doesn’t have an optical drive.

There are currently no dates on the release outside of Japan, but there is one on the way.


[via ThinkPad (japan)]

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Toshiba’s Gigabeat in 24 new colors

1GB Toshiba Gigabeats in 24 new flavors. Toshiba has announced that it is going to release 24 new colors of the Gigabeat.  It will cost Japan 13,800 Yen ($115 USD). There is no date for when it will hit the US or Canada but they will hit the Japanese market around August 12th. These new players will have 1GB flash memory and up to 20hrs of continuous playback. They will also feature a nice little fm radio.

Now these DAPs are no iPod killer, but with these new colors, and decent price tag, I am sure that everyone can find a color they enjoy most.


[via IT Plus]

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Metal Gear Solid Online – Confirmed

Metal Gear Solid is defiantly in the top 10 best known game franchises in the world. Now you can play with you friends from across the world on the PS3. The much rumored online aspect of the much inticipated Metal Gear Solid has just been confirmed. Konami has announced at a convention in Japan, that there will in fact be MGS (Metal Gear Solid) Online game play.

The online game-play will have some special features, such as linking your nanomachines for teamwork. Closed beta is expected to start on August 20th and end September 3rd. There is not much out about what exactly the game will feature, but team death-match, Man-hunt, and capture the flag are sure to be included.

The Metal Gear series is one of the most popular franchises in the world. A multiplayer option on the PS3 is sure to boost sales not only in software, but in system sales. Sony has done a good job ensuring this stays an exclusive.



[via Eurogamer]

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Intel Core 2 Quad Barebone Kit- Less then 700?

Canadian Super site,, is offering Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Barebone Kits for $659.97 CAD. This Intel Core 2 Quad processors clocks 2.40GHz.

The kit comes with:

1GB 533MHz RAM, Intel Socket 775 Motherboard, 200 GB 7200RPM HDD, 500 watt power supply and of coarse, a pretty case.

This can be bought at

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World Of Warcraft Surpasses 9 Million

Blizzard has announced that its best selling MMORPG has surpassed the 9 million subscriber checkpoint. This includes anyone who has logged in within the last 30 days, has a subscription, and excludes anyone who has promotional subscriptions, or expired/canceled subscriptions.

China is also going to receive its first expansion pack, The Burning Crusade. Blizzard expects that there will be a huge increase in both returning and new subscribers.


[via BusinessWire]

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Wii hits 3 Million mark, In japan

It appears as though Nintendo old 3 million Wii systems so far in japan. This will bring their total sales over 9 million, worldwide. Xbox box is still ahead by 1 million, but considering there is a Wii shortage in many places, and the amount of time its been out, there is no doubt that Wii will beat the Xbox in sales.

So how big is the Wii going to get? Is it going to be in virtually every home?


[via Dailytech]

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